Friday, 19 September 2008

Just a quickie today:

Our new address is 17 Rue Gazan, Paris, 75014, France

Third week completed at language school. I was given 10-15 minutes this morning to give a talk on anything I liked. I chose the gospel. Why not? Others chose Mind Maps and Canadian film festivals!

William has invited one of his new colleagues from work to our launch on 5 October. Good news.

My teacher say she wants to come along to one of our meetings when she returns from a trip to Japan later in the autumn. More good news.

Our washing machine and oven should be delivered tomorrow so we can move from handwashing (the last 12 weeks) to machine washing and I can eat home-made pizza again!

We are going to visit Charlie Cleverly's old church on Sunday morning having been to a different church last Sunday which we loved.

I am sittiing in the park typing this. It is always sunny here. We have barely had any rain in 12 weeks.

I am trying to organise a welcome team for the new church and shall get Gill to give some instruction when we all get together next weekend.

It is a Paris heritage weekend and we will go to a free classical concert on Sunday afternoon.

I saw an old lady pushing her tiny dog around the park the other day in a little box on wheels.


At 23 September 2008 at 04:10 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey George and Gill.

That is fantastic! It would be good if there were some vital Christians in the Pathways language school here in Bournemouth bold enough to do that.

Do you have an email address I would ask you a couple of questions?

David & Sue Frame


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