Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The bare facts of our current situation are as follows:-
  • We are moving out of the campsite on Saturday (at last)
  • We are taking the caravan to a winter storage facility to the south east of Paris on Saturday afternoon
  • We are going to stay with William and Hannah Perrier for a few days
  • We appear still to be the frontrunners for renting the flat we have found
  • We are waiting for money to be transferred from our UK bank to our French account
  • Then we have to get the bank to communicate with the estate agents
  • Then we can sign a lease
  • Then local governement officials visit the flat to check it over with us
  • Then we have the keys!
  • We have taken our language school entrance exams and we start our courses on Monday (intensive for 12 weeks)

It all takes ages here! However, as you can see, progress is certainly being made, but it's been and still seems to be a long haul.

The campsite is quite large here in Paris. It is first time that I have ever had to remember in the middle of the night which exit to take at the roundabout in order to find the nearest loo block! I calculated last night that in the 31 nights we have stayed here I have walked something in the region of 48.4 km to and from the toilets at night. I am extremely fit at present.

Then there's the cycling. We sold our car last week and now get around Paris on foot or on two wheels most of the time. Yesterday we cycled about 176 km in twelve hours in order to visit the bank manager (who wasn't there), do some emails (at four different McDonalds) and skype various people from a range of different parks. Gill thinks that if things keep going like this she'll be as skinny as Paula Radcliffe and have thighs like Chris Hoy!

We have a busy social life this week (which involves some quite lengthy cycle rides) and that should be fun.

We do hope we have some more definite news on the apartment next time we write!

Thanks to everyone praying for us. Please continue!


At 27 August 2008 at 12:53 , Blogger Steve said...

Dear George and Gill,
Great news about accomodation! We are thinking and praying for you. We feel that we need a gift of the spirit (not yet listed in the NT) to discern what is fact/fiction, in particular, did you really cycle 170kms ? Because if so, we raise our breton berets to you mon brave.............Loads of love, Steve and Helen


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