Friday, 25 July 2008

Off to Rendezvous

Our last few days in the campsite at Bois de Boulogne have passed in fairly traditional manner with lots of visits to McD restaurants in the mornings and early afternoons, but without success on finding an apartment yet! Still, we are not downcast as we are surviving the caravan life well and we are now off to Rendezvous. Actually we are in McDs again while waiting for Emily's flight to arrive very late from Rome.

The very promising news is that the estate agents and John Beresford between them have found a couple who may want to buy our house!!! We think they are doing a second viewing this afternoon and we hope they will then make a sensible offer. They have, apparently, nothing to sell. We hope there will be some even better news, therefore, in the next few days.

We have had a busy social life this week in the evenings with a posh meal with Gordon and Kerry and others on Tuesday, a lovely time with Amandine on Wednesday and a soiree with three folk from the existing church last night at the end of which they prayed for us which was great.

After RDV we are intending to keep to our holiday plans of three nights in Provence and a few more in the Alps on the way back to Paris. Then it will be back to Bois de Boulogne on 9 Aug. We will need to keep our eyes open during this time in case apartments do at last come up. If absolutely necessary we can end our holiday early and get back to Paris quickly.

Signing off for now....


At 25 July 2008 at 06:57 , Blogger G & R said...

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At 25 July 2008 at 06:59 , Blogger G & R said...

Will pray for the house situation-sounds like movement may be happening.

Be careful about establishing traditions though'd be a sad day when you miss your daily dose of McCroissant whilst you visit your friend Ronald!


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