Saturday, 23 August 2008

Much has happened in the last five days:-

I have seen a flat which I like in the exact road we want and we have handed all our papers to the agents who appear to like us. It seems to fit almost exactly the prophetic picture our friend Adrian had for us back in July at Brighton. So far so good. We need to organise our finances and get money in the right bank etc, but we remain hopeful of signing the lease and getting the keys before the end of next week which would be great as we start at language school on 1 Sept.

The interesting feature is that Gill hasn't seen it yet! She must be extremely trusting of me! She keeps asking questions about it, has it got this, how large is that, what about this? Most of the time I simply don't know as I didn't notice! The view from the balcony (5th floor) is amazing. I think there is a kitchen and another room or two. I hope there is a toilet.

Gordon and Kerry have arrived. We're visiting them today.

We had a lovely evening with William and Hannah on Thursday and visited Hillsongs last night which was great. The message was very relevant to us (believing promises etc).

Please keep praying that this apartment will actually happen next week and, of course, that our house in Coventry will sell.

Hopefully further good news next week.

Gill saw her first rat last night (it was dead).


At 25 August 2008 at 07:44 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Following your inspiring and interesting story after reading a recent Connect magazine. We are praying for you and for Paris.
Dave n Sue Frame - Citygate Church Bournemouth


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