Saturday, 2 August 2008


Blog – 2 August 2008

Sitting in the shade of some oak trees overlooking vineyards and hills from our campsite in lovely Provence! What a delight!

We’re having a restful day (apart from 90 minutes cycling in 35 degrees!) after the excitements of Rendezvous which ended yesterday morning in Gagnières. What an excellent week! We loved spending time with Michael, with the team that Pete Carter leads, with the group from Coventry and with our new friends from Paris. Including William and Hannah Perrier and Gordon and Kerry Neal, the Paris group numbered about 20 almost all of whom were very open to receiving the Holy Spirit especially on the last night. For those of you who know William, he sang an interpretation to a tongue one night which was quite breathtaking!

My two sessions with the Just Looking group went well especially the Thursday on the baptism in the Spirit when we had 39 people there thirsty for God. That made it so easy to pray for them after the teaching.

Gill did well in pressing on with French conversation and is now back to more systematic study in anticipation of our language course which will probably begin on 1 Sept.

Accommodation wise there are still some significant hurdles to overcome. The people who looked twice at 3 Spencer Ave a week ago have apparently decided the ground floor is too small for them and are now looking elsewhere! Disappointing, but God is still in charge! We failed to find an apartment in Paris before RDV and, therefore, we’ll recommence our searching as soon as we get back to Paris next Saturday. This means we will have to go back to the campsite with the caravan for a while. Still, it is summer!

As far as the new church is concerned, it is looking like our first Sunday will probably be 5 October with the existing Paris church having a final celebration party the night before. We can’t wait to get going. In the meantime we will visit other Paris churches on Sundays such as Hillsong.

As you will have gathered from the above, our two big prayer needs are the sale of our house and the finding of an apartment. Hopefully we can report breakthrough on these very soon!


At 3 August 2008 at 12:06 , Blogger stevem said...

Thank you for posting these blog messages. I check regularly for your news updates and I'm praying into this situation regarding housing. Hope that you both enjoy your holiday this week.

At 8 August 2008 at 02:00 , Blogger Sarah said...

Hi George and Gill, thank you for these posts, it's great to hear how you are getting on and you tell it so well! I'm praying that all the houses and flats will get themselves into line! Much love, Sarah and Joe


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